New member of partner network in Romania

New member of partner network in Romania

Czech Sport Aircraft is proud to announce expansion of its market presence by naming the Cruiser Aviation S.R.L. as the official sales representative for Romania. Cruiser Aviation is based in Bucharest and is represented by Mr. Julian Padurariu, contact:, tel: +40 722 500 163.

Martin Jurik, CEO of Czech Sport Aircraft, said “We are excited to see that our partner network and market presence is further expanding. After naming a new partner for the UK earlier this year, we are now entering another very interesting market. We believe that our PS-28 Cruiser will soon become very popular among the flying community in Romania and will train numerous new pilots. We look forward to a long term and successful partnership with Cruiser Aviation S.R.L. and to seeing number of our aircraft in Romanian sky soon.”

During the opening ceremony in Aurel Vlaicu International Airport and presentation of the very first PS-28 Cruiser brought to Romania, Julian Padurariu, CEO of Cruiser Aviation, said “Romania has a long aviation history. Czechoslovak aircraft have their tradition also here in Romania. Number of them is still used by the flight schools. By bringing the new PS-28 Cruiser on the market, we would like to show new trends in general aviation proving that flying is accessible for everybody and pilot licence is no longer expensive and non-reachable goal.”

The first PS-28 Cruiser aircraft has already been delivered to Romania and is now entering its service. This brand new plane will bear the registration number YR-CRU and was delivered in the attractive design of Cruiser Academy flight school brand. It is equipped with classic analogue gauges ideal for the entry level of flight training. The aircraft will be based in the flight school in Bucharest.

“In Romania, there is a big demand for pilots. The lack of flight schools is not able to produce the requested number of new pilots. With the PS-28 Cruiser in our operation we are able to provide the training significantly cheaper than on the traditional general aviation airplanes. In addition, PS-28 Cruiser presents modern, easy to fly and highly reliable aircraft perfectly fitting the flight training operation,” Julian added.

Cruiser Aviation S.R.L. also presents the airplane sharing programme. The fleet of aircraft available for sharing will be available in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca and Iași in order to ease the time-building process for pilots attempting to gain a commercial pilot licence. With an affordable fee per hour including full insurance and maintenance, the Time Building Program puts the pilots on an accelerated pace to a career in the corporate or airline environment. The program offers 25, 50, 100, 150, and 200 Hour blocks of single engine flying time.

A total over 650 PS-28 Cruiser and SportCruiser have been already produced. The EASA type certified PS-28 Cruiser successfully fulfils its role of training aircraft in more than 30 flight schools in 13 European countries.