New Major Upgrades of PS-28 Cruiser

New Major Upgrades of PS-28 Cruiser

Czech Sport Aircraft is proud to announce availability of two major modifications in the PS-28 Cruiser aircraft configuration.

Thanks to extensive and professional work of our R&D team type certifications of the new Premium Interior design and major avionics upgrade presented at Aero Friedrichshafen 2018 are now available for the customers! Type Design Change Approval for both upgrades have been recently granted by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

The modification of current standard utility interior includes completely redesigned comfortable seats with headrests, redesigned side panels, central box and other details in the cockpit providing the crew even more comfort during flight. The avionics upgrade provides possibility of installation of the up-to-date Dynon SkyView HDX screens. These MFDs feature improved high resolution displays, attractive design, unrivalled control ergonomics and upgraded touch interface. PS-28 Cruiser is the first EASA certified LSA aircraft with Dynon SkyView HDX avionics.

The new Premium interior and Dynon HDX avionics are now available on request on all newly ordered PS-28 Cruiser aircraft.

Martin Jurík, CEO, Czech Sport Aircraft a.s. said, “The PS-28 Cruiser has always been the innovation leader of the Light Sport Aircraft market here in Europe. Now, coming as the first one with the Dynon SkyView HDX avionics certified for our aircraft, we have proved again the technological and development leadership of our company and the PS-28 Cruiser aircraft. We believe these two latest major upgrades will be highly appreciated by the market.”

Over 650 units of the PS-28 Cruiser and the SportCruiser aircraft have been already produced. The EASA certified PS-28 Cruiser successfully and reliably fulfils its role of the most efficient basic training aircraft in more than 30 flight schools in 13 European countries.