About us

Czech Sport Aircraft company is building up on the outstanding engineering and production capability and almost 80 years of aviation tradition and experience in aircraft design, development and production in the South-East Moravian aviation valley.

The city of Kunovice and the surrounding area represent one of the most important centers of Czech aviation heritage and also home to one of the largest aero clubs in the Czech Republic where many generations of pilots have been trained.

Our Focus

The company is focused on the research, design, development and production of Light Sport Aircraft intended for basic and advanced flight training, basic pilot training, general recreational use and air tourism. Thanks to our state-of-the-art products offering the highest standards of safety, superior performance, easy maintenance and low life cycle operating costs, Czech Sport Aircraft has positioned itself amongst the market leaders within the Light Sport Aircraft segment of the General Aviation market.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop, design, and produce aircraft for General Aviation market providing the highest level of safety, reliability and user comfort. We strive to be a reliable and long-term partner for our customers and suppliers, active player in further development of the aviation industry, stable and attractive employer.


Czech Sport Aircraft’s headquarters and main production facility is located in the city of Kunovice in the heart of the Moravian aviation valley.

The dawn of the aviation industry in Kunovice came in 1934 when a group of aviation enthusiasts opened a small workshop and started to build gliders. In 1936 the famous Czech aviation company AVIA opened its factory in the city of Kunovice. During WWII the factory operated as a repair facility for Junkers and Arado aircraft and after the war also Spitfires and Lavochkins.

After the war, the city of Kunovice was involved in the production of almost all aircraft that were flying at the time in Czechoslovakia. In 1947 the first aircraft was designed, developed and manufactured in Kunovice marking the important start of a new era. During the period 1950-1954 a completely new facility and airport was constructed on the site where Czech Sport Aircraft stands today. From 1954 up to the present day several aircrafts have been designed, developed and manufactured in the city of Kunovice.

The city of Kunovice is steeped in aviation history. Kunovice and the surrounding area is an important centre of aviation heritage and home to one of the largest airclubs in the Czech Republic where generations of pilots have been trained. Many of such pilots served in the Czechoslovak fighter squadron of the Royal Air Force during World War II and later at the Eastern front in Russia.