Today, the company’s technological excellence and dedication to innovation make Czech Sport Aircraft one of the leaders in the Light Sport Aircraft segment of the General Aviation market.

The current production of the company comprises the PS-28 Cruiser and the SportCruiser aircraft. Both types are double-seat, all-metal aircraft, arranged as low-wing monoplanes with cantilevered wings and conventional empennage. The PS-28 Cruiser and the SportCruiser are essentially differentiated in terms of their certification basis and thus market application. The SportCruiser and PS-28 Cruiser aircraft are successfully operated in more than 30 countries all around the world with more than 600 units produced.

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The two aircraft are essentially the same in terms of basic design, flight characteristics and performance but differentiated at the level of certification and thus their market application.

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The SportCruiser is certified in the USA LSA category and can be operated in countries recognising this LSA category, such as the USA, South Africa, Australia and some parts of South America.

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The PS-28 Cruiser is Type Certified for VFR Day operations according to EASA LSA regulations and can be fully commercially operated in EASA countries or in countries where the PS-28 Cruiser obtained local CAA Type Certification.

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Historically, prior to the development and subsequent EASA certification of the PS-28 Cruiser, a large number of SportCruiser were delivered to Europe and are still flying today in Europe based on Permit To Fly flight conditions.

Currently a total of almost 600 PS-28 Cruiser and SportCruiser have been produced. About 150 aircraft are operating in Europe and enjoying significant sales success. Due to its robust construction, ease of maintenance and superior flight characteristics, the PS-28 Cruiser and SportCruiser is the perfect platform for basic and advanced flight training, air clubs, basic military training, recreational use and air tourism.